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DubaiMLM Commentary Blog

DubaiMLM ダウンラインに外国の方が参加!

下部のブログからの登録だと思いますが、DubaiMLM から

ID番号: 110274811
E - mailアドレス: ********@

A new Associate has been added to your downline
Dear ***** ***** (DubaiMLM ID#: 110089675),

Great News! We would like to inform you that mohammed rehan has just joined
your downline. We encourage you to send our new Associate an email
welcoming them to your team. Here is the information on our new Associate;

ID Number: 110274811
Name: mohammed rehan
E-mail Address: ********

Keep up the good work and don't forget to encourage your new Associate.


The DubaiMLM Team

English commentary blog (英語の解説ブログ) ⇒ Commentary Blog

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